Stress Control for your workplace

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Create an account

Once you create your business account and select your team plan you can invite your colleagues to register for a Stress Control at Home membership, giving them instant access to our clinically proven programme.

You can send invites and manage your memberships from your business dashboard.

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Instant access

When you send your team members an invite they will receive an email with details on how to register for the course. Once registered they will gain instant access to the course and all the supporting materials.

Memberships last for 90 days and all course materials are included in the cost of the package.

How It Works 3

Become their own therapist

Each of the sessions are part of a jigsaw that focus on important aspects of stress and teach powerful skills to tackle that stress, boost wellbeing and increase resilience.

By the end of the course all of the pieces will come together and your team will have the skills they need to become their own therapist, better able to cope with present, and future stress.

Only the individual will have access to their course information and any details they provide will be kept strictly confidential.

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