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Our online programme provides a cost-effective, evidence-based solution that is available to any organisation aiming to support colleagues.

Stress Control


Developed by consultant clinical psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society Dr Jim White, Stress Control is an evidence-based CBT class approach for the common mental health problems: anxiety, depression, panic, poor sleep and poor wellbeing. 

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Our 12-session online course combines cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology and wellbeing. Your team will learn the skills they need to manage stress and boost wellbeing by becoming their own therapist, from their own home, at their own pace.

Clinically Proven


Stress Control offers possibly the best balance between clinical effectiveness and cost-efficiency in the mental health field. 

Independent research has shown that Stress Control works as well as individual therapy, and is available at a fraction of the cost. 

"Time and time again, scientific studies have shown that the cost of not having a workplace wellness program is greater than the cost of implementing one. By the time you factor in high turnover rates, employee absenteeism and presenteeism and general employee morale and energy levels, not having a workplace wellness program can be very costly."

James Nicholson , CEO- Robert Walters

"Dr White has developed the single-most effective tool to identify and manage anxiety and depression I have ever encountered. And there are numerous academic research reports to back up its effectiveness. Stress Control presents searing practicality with comprehensive information in a format that is easily understood. As a professional, I have never participated in a more satisfying piece of work."

Dr Mark Harrold, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"Many thanks for the wonderful course that you have put together. I consider that your series is one of the best and most engaging courses in helping people to understand and manage stress that I have seen. And, as a Chartered Clinical and Educational Psychologist with 40+ years experience I have attended multiple courses in the past, so thank you and well done!"

Dr. Fíona Kelly Meldon, Chartered Clinical and Educational Psychologist

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